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Pimp up my pics

playing with animoto, a really cool and that simple *picture-slideshow-video-creator*:

celumdays in Vienna, March 2009

Back from Barca

Nachtrag -> Impressionen über animoto…

Free domain names

Wegen Änderung des Geschäftsplans günstig abzugeben / free domains due to adjustments to the business plan … For sale:


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RIA – AIR: About Rich Apps…

Some new sites in development:

Adobe´s AIR platform – the engaging experience!
View some popular AIR driven apps on the Adobe AIR marketplace

Already installed? Google Analytics AIR beta – really cool!

Deployment of applications across borders: using the same code for desktop and webbased software. An amazing step into the new way how programs get to different devices and use cases.
More soon to come…